Avast Premier Rating

Avast one of the world’s largest cybersecurity firms, has a hugely popular free antivirus software and premium versions for those who want more protection. Security suites from Avast typically achieve high marks in tests, although the policies regarding privacy and data logs could make some people think twice about purchasing.

Avast Premier has a simple interface with a range of functions, including a password manager and tools for safety for your family. It also lets you keep track of all the programs installed on your computer. This is important as some of them can be bloatware or slow your system. The suite can be used to clean and optimize your PC, increasing its performance.

Its antiphishing technology is top of the line. It is able to flag websites that could be phishing, without the necessity of an extension for your browser and this is something you will not find in most security suites. Its intelligent scan can find browser add-ons with low ratings that you might not be using and suggest you delete these.

Avast’s February 2022 Real World Protection Test scored six out of six points in terms of performance and protection. This puts it in line with the top products available. It also protected against zero-day malware exposures and only generated one false positive.

While Avast Premier performs well in most tests, it is not as efficient as some of the most effective programs in stopping targeted attacks. Avast Premier’s performance can also be affected by other security programs at the same time. It’s also expensive when compared with its rivals and the current price of $70 for a single device coverage year being higher than Norton or McAfee.


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