Board Meeting Tools

The most effective tools for board members enable boards to collaborate productively and safely. They’re designed with the idea of governance in mind and come with a variety of features, ranging from meeting planning and efficient minutes to keeping records and recording. They also have the capacity to streamline workflows, and assist collaboration in decision-making outside of meetings.

Board management software lets teams reduce the time spent in preparation for meetings and improve communication with colleagues and reduce the amount of documents and data storage that is required for meetings. They do this by streamlining all materials used by boards into an intuitive and secure portal for easy access from any device. They also allow e-signatures, board reporting, and document management.

A good system for managing the board should have a dashboard which shows the upcoming meetings and allows quick scheduling of meetings. It should also have an agenda creator that includes designated time limits, assignments for board members for each section of the meeting, as well as embedded reference documents. Additionally, it should have a discussion and chat tool that provides different ways to interact with other team members, or be able to have conversations in a 1:1 format with individuals.

A task manager is an essential feature for any board. This tool will ensure that all tasks are completed and all stakeholders are on one page. It can help avoid confusion and miscommunications by making sure that everyone is aware of the person accountable for a particular job. This tool can also help you to monitor progress and monitor the performance of your board members.

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