How to Ensure Safe Uploading and Downloading of Business Files

Whether you are using a content management system or file transfer protocol, it’s essential to ensure that files uploaded by your users are secure. The open upload of files opens up a risk of attack for malicious actors and may expose your customers to data security breaches. You should generally save uploaded files in designated storage locations such as your database, server, or cloud storage service and then forward the file to the user or through a hyperlink. You may also wish to store any form data provided along with the file.

You’ll need an option to safeguard the files you upload to your business. The solution you choose to use should validate content against a list known types of harmful files, and look for viruses. It is essential that the solution you choose is compliant with any laws applicable to your industry or country. If you’re working in the field of healthcare the solution you choose to use should be HIPAA-compliant. If you deal with EU citizens, the solution must be GDPR-compliant.

For a lot of companies, a significant portion of their business is dealing with documents that are physical and need to be converted into digital versions. These could be photos that have been scanned or old contracts written documents that must be uploaded for storage or collaboration. It is also important that different people from different places or offices can collaborate on these documents. This is typically accomplished by scanning the document and converting it into digital format. Then it’s shared online to anyone who requires it.

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