How to Have a Great Board Meeting

There is no doubt that managing a board meeting can be a long and stressful task. Your meetings could be wasted time and productivity if they lack focus organization or enthusiasm. There are some simple measures you can do to make sure your directors are actively engaged and participate in a successful board meeting.

At least once a year, Evaluate Your Meetings

Feedback is one of the most effective ways to improve your meetings. After a few of your meetings, ask your board members to take two sticky notes and put “+” on the areas that were good and “-” on areas that could be improved. Then, they should stick notes on a poster which they can put on the door of the meeting for everyone to see what needs to be modified.

Control Your Time

Keep your meetings brief to allow for meaningful discussions and taking decisions. Avoid putting lengthy reports or “have to” items on your agenda. Instead of delving into the detail that you have already published in your board book, consider breaking it into smaller topics for discussion or letting your directors conduct their own research prior to attending the meeting with questions ready to discuss.

Board meetings are a great opportunity to motivate your team and make them feel excited. The addition of “mission moments” to the meeting- where your board members can hear about the experiences of others or how your organization has made an impact on the lives of people is a huge energy boost for the entire group.

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