How to Have an Effective Board Meeting

A well-organized board meeting is a crucial element of a good governance. It allows for thoughtful discussion and decision-making that can propel your company forward. It is crucial to have an active and thorough discussion, whether the meeting is discussion of strategic goals programs’ successes and challenges and/or significant legal issues. Meetings that are well-planned and have a clear agenda and clear communication of the decision-making process will be efficient and effective.

1. Make sure that the agenda for the meeting is communicated to all participants prior to the meeting and is easily accessible.

Nothing derails an effective board meeting more than members in a rush to review crucial materials during the discussion or, even more important, having no access to the materials prior to the meeting. This is avoided by disseminating all agenda items and materials at minimum 3-4 business days prior to the meeting.

2. Start the meeting on schedule.

It is essential to begin the board meeting in time. Board members are more motivated if they arrive prepared. You can accomplish this by ensuring that all relevant materials are in the agenda, and by limiting discussion topics to only those most important to the meeting. It is possible to hold the meeting in another location, such as the location of the program, or a breakfast gathering. This will create an environment that is different and will stimulate new ideas.

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