Secure M&A Process With Business Software

Secure M&A Process using Business Software

Onboarding new employees is among the biggest challenges in any M&A. It’s important to start them on the right track as fast as you can. Ineffective onboarding practices can result in a decrease in productivity and lead to a higher rate of turnover following an M&A. It is also crucial for the acquiring company to onboard the acquired workforce as fast as they can so that they can reap the benefits of the deal.

During the M&A process, IT teams must integrate users from both systems in a seamless manner without causing security vulnerabilities and compromising the integrity of data of the acquired business. The challenge is even greater when integrating workers from acquired companies who are using their own devices or applications from third parties for example, such as cloud-based social media or cloud-based services.

Cybersecurity professionals must address these issues by integrating themselves into the M&A processes from the beginning and ensuring they are aware of all moving parts. This includes the post-merger integration stage as well as due diligence assessments. It is essential that CISOs approach M&As with a servant-like attitude and present cybersecurity risk in a way that executives can understand. This means not using technical language and presenting metrics that executives can relate to.

Our M&A solution helps you monitor and manage the M&A processes through one dashboard. The dashboard displays every activity, conversation email, documents and emails in real-time. The software can be customized to meet your specific needs by configuring lists, fields, and reports. In addition, we’ve integrated features such as two-factor authentication and audit logs that help you keep security controls and compliance with the policies.

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